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Image Files - Bateson

Windhill 1950s aerial view

116 Briggate Windhill

93a to 113 Briggate

Behind 93a and 95a Briggate

Privvies at 103 Briggate

Wesleyan graveyard Windhill

Joseph Bateson tomb

George Bateson tomb

George Bateson obit 1875

George Bateson Death Reg 1875

Two Quarrelsome Old Sinners 1865

Windhill Tragedy 1875

Charles Bateson tomb

Haley Bateson poacher 1876

Haley Bateson wicketkeeper 1882

John Bateson tomb Central Falls

John Bateson deserter 1891

Peel Window St Paul's Shipley

Crag Cottage sale 1865

Windhill Castle

Far Fold ruins Oxenhope

Hartley family in Haworth

Sampler by Amelia Hartley

Blacksmith's Cott Denham

Airlie Gdns Glasgow 1908