138                          Closeburn Church 12th November 1797


PP sedt the ? and session

The session did? And hereby do appoint a meeting to be held

in the Church upon Monday the 20th of this month to

examine the witnesses in Mr Murray’s cause and they appoint

the officers to intimate this to Mr Murray and to summon

the witnesses They appoint their officer ? to

advertise Jean Crosbie of  Laid inacting and to intimate

the same to William Carson as having some ?

in the Group?    The sedt closed with prayers


Closeburn Church 20th November 1797

PP sedt the ? and session

The officer reported that he had intimated to Mr Murray

Jean Crosbie and William Carson that the session this

day ? to proceed in the examination of the witnesses

in Mr Murrays cause He likewise reported that he had

summoned to this meeting Janet McMillan Joseph Graham

Jean Maxwell and Jean Paxton all in Auldgirth as witnesses

in said Cause Mr Murray reported that he had not regularly

summoned the witnesses in the parish of Keir.

the witnesses cited being called did not compear The

session appoint another meeting to be held in the Church

upon Thursday the 30th of this month The officer was

was appointed to summon the witnesses pro secunda to

compeer said day Mr Murray was appointed to cause

summon the witnesses residing in Keir. Mr Murray

and William Carson being both present this was intimated

to them. The officer was appointed to intimate said

said meeting to Jean Crosbie. The sedt  closed with prayers


        Closeburn Church 30th November 1797

PP sedt the ? and session

        Mr Murray and Jean Crosbie being called compeared

William Carson also compeared for his interest. The officer

that he had summoned to this meeting Janet McMillan

Joseph Graham Jean Maxwell and Jean Paxton only compeared

Mr Murray produced an execution and summons against

John Hamilton and Margaret McNaught who being called

John Hamilton only compeared                                             139

Jean Paxton compeared who being solemnly sworn purged

of malice or partial ?ounsle good deed done or to be above

Aged 40 and deponed? married. Deponed  Mr Murray proposed

that she should be interigated whether Jean Maxwell spouse

to William Carson had said any thing to her with respect

to her Husband the said William Carson having the country

on account of Jean Crosbie being with child. To this question

William Carson dejuted [swore?] as affecting his wife without finding to

exculpate Mr Murray. The session therefore agreed to delay

putting this question till they should have an opportunity

of consulting the Presbytrie. The witness being interrogated

deponed that it was not consistent and saith her knowledge

that Jean Crosbies chest over remained in William Carsons

Barn whilst said Jean Crosbie was ? in his service.

That the deponents child never desired her to come and

see William Carson and Jean Crosbie in an indecent posture

And this is truth as She Shall Answer to God

                                signed Jean Paxton

                                Andrew Yorston Medr


John Hamilton being solemnly sworn purged of Malice or part

ially ?ounsle good deed done or to be done aged 20 and upward

married. Deponed that he heard James McMasson Mason

say that he had had a minimal connexion with Jane McMillan's

Daughters but did not mention any of them particularly

that said James McMasson appeared to be in drink

when he said this Depones that he is acquainted with Jean

McMillan and hir Daughters that their character so far

as he ? [knows?] have always reputed honest but that he

has sometimes heard hir Daughter Jean Mary & Margaret

spoke of as light in their behaviour with him & that

he can say nothing more particularly with respect to Mary

Crosbie. That he never saw or heard any thing improper

between William Carson and Jean Crosbie All which

is truth as he Shall Answer to God.

Signed John Hamilton

                                Andrew Yorston Medr



36                            Closeburn Church 11th July 1802


[10 lines not transcribed]

[right edge of image has been cut off]


Compeared Margaret Hamilton John? con

fessed hirself with child in unchasness [unchasteness?] and

being ??? to in inginuity declared that

Thomas Brown in Cairn [S of Clauchrie] was guilty with

hir and is the father of hir child & she

was rebuked for hir sin and debarred from

Church Privileges till she shall have

made satisfaction according to the Rules

Of the Church. She was also cited apud acta

to compear before the session next??  Lord’s Day

The officer was appointed to summon

Thomas Brown to compear said day P.C.?.


Closeburn Manse 17th July 1802


? ? ?   Mr Yorston, Mr James Beal  and

Robert Rodgerson ? Mr Yorston ? ?


Thomas Brown in Cairn voluntarily com

peared and confessed his guilt with Margaret

Hamilton in terms of his confession he

was rebuked for his sin and debarred from

church privileges till he shall have

made satisfaction according to the rules

of the Church. The session closed with prayer


[7 lines not transcribed]