Joseph Bateson (d 21 March 1838)


Witnessed 19 December 1837 by Executors James Bateson, George Peel and Thomas Rycroft

Amendment witnessed on 20 April 1838 by John Halliday, John Rawnsley and John Clough


Joseph’s estate consisted of at least 5 properties and appurtenances in Briggate, Windhill, and two parcels of adjoining land. His son George received two houses.  Betty Peel, his daughter, was bequeathed another house. James, who as the eldest had probably had the business settled on him already, was bequeathed one of the plots of land. The other plot was to go to his granddaughter, Sarah, who also got a house. Another granddaughter, Henrietta Maria Peel, was bequeathed the house she lived in with her father, William Peel.  Hannah Smith, his eldest daughter, seems to have drawn the short straw - she was to receive the rent from another house, but only until her daughter Rebecca reached the age of 16. Thereafter, she would get a regular sum of two shillings per week. £10 was to be distributed to each of Joseph’s grandchildren, Mary Storrs, Henrietta Smith, Bateson Smith and Rebecca Smith, after Hannah’s death. Another house was mentioned and the rent from this was to be distributed to Joseph’s grandson Bateson Smith.


The Will is located at Borthwick Institute, York



George Bateson (d 26 July 1875)


Witnessed 23 September 1870 by John Burnley and Joseph Pickles

Proved at Wakefield Probate Registry on 17 September 1875 by Executors Charles Bateson and Thomas Hird


George owned five properties and a bake house in Briggate, Windhill and these were all left to his son Charles. £50 went to his daughter Sarah, while £42 10s was distributed to each of his granddaughters Mary, Elizabeth and Lavinia. His wife Ellen was to receive the household furniture and effects as well as the sum of 20/-.


The Will is located at the Probate Search Room, High Holborn, London

There is an entry in the Death Register - located at the National Archive, Kew, London



Charles Bateson (d 3 Jan 1903)


Witnessed 3 July 1894 by staff at the solicitor’s office

Probate granted at Wakefield Probate Registry on 6 February 1903 to Executors Dixon Rollinson and John Robinson Wright

Charles may still have owned the six properties left to him by his father. He instructed that they be converted into cash after his wife’s death and the proceeds distributed among his children and grandchildren. One eighth share was left to his sons George, Haley and John. His two daughters Elizabeth Ann and Mary Ellen were to get two eighths, and the remaining eighth went to his grandchildren Herbert, Margaret, Ernest and Elma.


The Will is located at the Probate Office, High Holborn, London