Batesons in Australia and New Zealand


There is next to no background information on the Batesons in Australia and New Zealand.  Most of what is known is noted in the BMD and PAF listings and in the following snippets of information.


William Jennings Bateson, who was born in 1845, married Emily Tetley in Otley on 23 December 1865. His middle name came from his maternal grandmother.  A daughter, Ruthetta, born in Otley, was living with her grandparents at the time of the 1871 Otley Census.  She married a Thomas Forrest and had two daughters, both in Otley.


William was probably a steerage passenger onboard the SS Samarang on 15 February 1869, sailing from London to Sydney. This is from the NSW Unassisted Passenger List.


In April 1872, he married Annie Goldsmith in Candello, New South Wales.


The couple are known to have raised at least 5 children, all sons. Joseph Harold (b 1873), Edgar Theodore (b 1875), Frank Edwyn (b 1877) and William Henry Vincent (b 1879) had at least 17 children between them. Roy EV Bateson was born in 1882 but died in infancy.


In Windhill, William Jennings Bateson had been employed, like many bright teenagers of the day, as a Pupil Teacher.  It is not surprising, therefore, to find that in April 1891, a William Bateson was appointed Principal of Adamstown (Newcastle, NSW) Public School.


Of his many descendants, most appear to have remained in New South Wales – 9 are recorded in the NSW Electoral Rolls.

One, Eric Hugh Bateson, was killed in the Battle of Pozieres in France on 4 August 1916.


One other Bateson went directly to Australia: 

James Bateson, son of Samuel Cowling Bateson and the nephew of William Jennings Bateson emigrated at some time in the 1880s but died in 1890 in Camperdown, NSW. 


Mary Ellen Bateson, born in late 1860 to Charles Bateson, married Dixon Rollinson in 1885 and had four children – John (b 1886), Maggie (b 1888), Emma (b 1890 but died in infancy) and Sarah Ellen (b 1894). Maggie married Thomas Atkinson, a Shoemaker, shortly before leaving for New Zealand in September 1913 onboard the Corinthic.  The rest of the family emigrated onboard the Ruahine in October 1913 and set up home at Napier, Hawkes Bay. Dixon, a Joiner by trade, established a shop supplying building materials.  Thomas Atkinson, sadly, was killed in the great earthquake of 1931.  Maggie died in Napier in 1972.  Both John and Sarah emigrated to Australia.  John, a Plasterer, married in 1927 and died in Brisbane in 1947, while Sarah married in 1922 and died in Brisbane in 1975.