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Benjamin Hartley was born on 20 March 1832 in Shaw, in the hamlet of Far Oxenhope, the second son of John and Sarah Hartley.  He was baptised on 2 October 1832 by Patrick Brontë.

According to census entries, his father John Hartley was born around 1788, though no christening record has been found.  His possible antecedents are discussed in the Notes   below.

John Hartley’s wife was Sarah Holmes.  The couple had 5 children and lived in a terraced house in Shaw. See photo here.  Sarah died in 1853, John in 1867. 


By the age of 18, Benjamin had taken up his father’s trade of Woolcomber or Spinner and was a choirboy at Haworth Parish Church, where Patrick Brontë was the incumbent. At the age of 20, in 1853, he married Amelia Sutcliffe.  Amelia was born in Shaw in 1831 to Abraham Sutcliffe, another Woolcomber.  In 1861 the couple were at Cobling, a smallholding on the Sawood estate (Far Oxenhope) near the Dog & Gun Inn.  Benjamin was described as a Milk Hawker though, in trade directories published in 1864 and 1866, he was a Farmer. This fits roughly with a family story that the Hartleys had a poor dairy farm near Haworth that supplied the Brontës with milk. The legend must have been referring to just one Brontë because by the late 1850s Patrick was the sole survivor of his family. The Hartleys probably moved to a nearby smallholding at Far Fold soon after the 1861 census, though the only evidence is that his grandson Ernest named his house in Ashstead, Kent after it. The farm actually consisted (in 1871) of 3 small farms of 15, 20 and 22 acres - barely enough to be economic enterprises; at least one farm was purchased by Bradford Corporation in 1874 for its waterworks project on Thornton Moor. When cattle grazing, the main use of the land, was proscribed for health reasons, Far Fold probably became unviable: although it was still occupied in the 1930s, today only a few stones mark the spot where the farmhouse once stood.

The last of Benjamin's 3 boys - Levi - may have been born there in 1865.

Despite, or because of, his ecclesiastical connections at Haworth, Benjamin Hartley had a reputation for beating his children when he had been drinking.


Although Benjamin was registered as a voter at Sawood in 1870, the family had moved across the Aire valley to East Morton by the middle of that year; a daughter – Annie – was born there in June.  As there are no records after her baptism in October, she may have died in infancy.  The family was recorded at Bethel Street, a row of terraced houses next to an Independent Congregational Chapel, in the 1871 Census.  Amelia probably died there just before census night.  Their daughter Mary died 2 months later.  Mother and daughter were buried near their birthplaces at St Mary’s Church in Oxenhope.  The following year, Benjamin married Rebecca Wharram, a Servant from Rillington, near Malton.  By this time he was described as a Cotton Warp Dresser.  The family probably moved to a terraced house under the grim façade of the Lower Holme Mill, Baildon, near Shipley before 1875 – his daughter Emily died there that year.  His sole surviving daughter – Elizabeth – married a hairdresser called William Bateson in 1878 and went to live on the other side of the River Aire in Windhill.  The remaining children, all boys, got married in the next decade.


By 1891, Benjamin and Rebecca were on their own and had moved to Hill House Farm in Todmorden, where they were described as Farmers.  Ernest Bateson was recorded staying there on Census night.  Rebecca died in 1895 and Benjamin probably moved in with his daughter Elizabeth in Bradford around that time – he was recorded there in 1901, when he was described, not as a Farmer, but as a Retired Cotton Warp Dresser.  He died there in 1903 and was interred at St Luke’s Church in Eccleshill, although there is no grave.


Benjamin Hartley’s children

Mary was born around 1853 and died in 1871.  Nothing is known of her, other than her occupation, a Weaver.  On her death in 1871, she was interred at St Marys Parish Church, Oxenhope, though there is no headstone there.


Elizabeth was born on 20 April 1855 in Oxenhope.  She became a Worsted Twister, working in local mills.  She was reputed to be a feisty woman and, after her husband died in 1891, she may have moved to the Undercliffe area of Bradford, where she ran a Grocer’s shop.  By 1901, she was at Stanacre Place, near Bradford Cathedral, with her children Elma, Ernest and Margaret (her son Herbert had already left home) and was a Confectioner.  By 1918 she had bought a substantial house in Wightman Street, Undercliffe.  It is likely that her son Ernest supplied the deposit for the house and maintained the payments.  Elizabeth died, aged 70, on 27 December 1925 and was interred in Windhill.


Emily was born in September 1858 and did Domestic Work.  She died in Morton in 1875 and was interred at St Mary’s in Oxenhope, though there is no headstone there.


Pickles was born in 1860 in Oxenhope.  By 1881, he was a Worsted Overlooker and went on to establish a woollen manufacturing business in Bradford, although the details are unknown.

He married Corrie Martin from Horsham in Surrey in mid 1882 and had six children: Amelia, Emma, Benjamin, Lionel, Clarissa and Arthur.


Walter was born in November 1862 in Oxenhope.  He also became a Worsted Weaving Overlooker.  By 1895 he had married Margaret Ibottson and had two daughters, Bertha and Doris.  By 1901, he was living in Trinity St Blackburn, a street full of butchers and fruiterers.  He was a Draper.


Levi was born in 1865 in Oxenhope.  He also went into Worsted Weaving.  He married Annie Ross in Dover in 1887 and had two girls, Mary and Annie and a boy, William Ross.  By 1901, he was a Hairdresser and Umbrella Maker in Todmorden.


Annie was born in Morton in 1870.




Key to Notes

Hartley Christenings

Other Records

Selected male Hartley marriages

Selected John Hartley burials

Dunkirk Mill

Great Stone

Children born to Abraham Sutcliffe

Mercy Sutcliffe



Although the St Michael All Angels Parish Church’s records at Haworth appear to be comprehensive, finding Hartley (and Sutcliffe) antecedents has been challenging.

The registers vary in the amount of information provided. Generally, the christening books give only the father’s name, the hamlet and the date of the ceremony.  The most informative books may also give the mother’s christian name along with the date of birth or age of the child and the specific farmstead where the family lived.

The marriage registers usually give only the names of the couple along with two witnesses (which can sometimes be quite revealing). Rarely, they might give a specific abode and the groom’s occupation.

The burial registers vary greatly in the amount of information given. At their most basic they provide only the name, date of burial and (sometimes) age of the deceased.  Some records can include the date of death plus the cause of death plus an abode plus the status of the deceased (typically ‘son’, ‘dau’, ‘wife’, ‘married’, ‘widow’ etc).


Haworth Parish contained 4 hamlets: Haworth, Stanbury, Far Oxenhope and Near Oxenhope. Click for map:

The boundary between Far and Near Oxenhope probably lay along Leeming Water and its tributary Rag Clough Beck. Far Oxenhope would have stretched from Royd House in the north to Deep Arse on the Sawood estate in the south. Near Oxenhope would have covered Hoyl and Ducking Stool in the north to Stairs and Rag in the south.

The hamlets of Cullingworth / Wilsden and Denholme feature in the records from time to time and seem to have been considered part of Haworth.

In the 18th century, Shaw (Far Oxenhope) consisted of a dozen or more terraced weavers' cottages on the north side of the road to Stanbury. When the records give someone's abode as Shaw, they may (or may not) include the nearby crofters' cottages at Cold Well and the farmsteads at Great Stone and Far Great Stone, which were occasionally recorded as separate abodes.


In an effort to focus on John Hartley, the father of Benjamin, I have tracked (and eliminated) most of the John Hartleys found in the registers in the last 25 years of the 18th century.


I have also looked at some of the Hartley marriages that took place during the second half of the century to assess if any of them might have produced a John Hartley at the end of the 1780s.



None of the John Hartleys recorded in the Haworth and Bradford registers is a credible candidate for the father of Benjamin.

None of the marriages studied seem to have produced a suitable John Hartley.


There are tenuous links from James Hartley (b 25 April 1818 at Great Stone in Shaw), who was Benjamin’s elder brother, to his father John (b abt 1789, d 1867 in Shaw) to a possible grandfather James (b abt 1761, d 1819 at Great Stone) to a possible great grandmother Betty (b abt 1739, d 1793 at Great Stone) to a possible great-great grandmother Joanna (b abt 1695, d 1787 in Shaw)

Betty H has not so far been identified. She would have been about 49 when our John Hartley was born in 1787-88 and may have been his mother.

It seems likely that the Hartleys were tenants at Great Stone in the late 18th and early 19th centuries but had moved to Shaw by the 1830s.



Haworth Parish Church Registers

England censuses

Haworth PC graveyard transcriptions by Margaret Jennings

Haworth, Oxenhope & Stanbury from Old Maps by Steven Wood, Amberley Publishing 2014

Oxenhope - The Making of a Pennine Community - Reg Hindley 2004

Oxenhope Inclosure Awards, 1774-1777

Rate Books from 1819 to 1850

Tithe Awards of 1852


Key to Notes:

a tilde ~ means ‘possibly’, denoting a speculative link while a dash denotes a much more certain link

abt = about; b = born; bapt = christened; dob = date of birth; marr = married; d = died; bur = buried

Near Ox = Near Oxenhope; Far Ox = Far Oxenhope




The following is a selection of the John Hartleys recorded in the Haworth Parish Church registers in the 18th century:


John H bapt in Far Ox 25 January 1728/29 the eldest son of James H and Sarah and grandson of Mary

Lived in Upper Town (Far Ox) and perhaps Aberdeen, one of his father's abodes

He was variously described as a Shalloonmaker (shalloon was a worsted cloth used as a lining for blankets, coverlets and coats or as a dress fabric), as a Yeoman and as a Woolcomber

He may have died in 1789 aged 61





Tempest, John’s brother, was born in Far Ox in 1740 (see Other Records: Tempest H below) 


He may have had a son, Tempest, born 1758 (but in Near Ox), died 1761 in Far Ox

Comment: his father James Hartley, a Yeoman of Stonestop (Aberdeen) was married to Sarah and died ~ between 1772 & 1777
His mother Mary was from Thorn Edge near Wycoller
In 1768 a James Hartley had 2 sittings in Pew 13 in the Gallery of Haworth PC
In the 1774 Inclosure Awards a James Hartley was allotted parcels of ground on the Great Moor designated 35, 35a and 35b. These plots are S of Aberdeen Farm

Comment: in a conveyance of May 1772, John Hartley of Upper Town, the eldest son of James, was described as a Shalloonmaker
In an Indenture of January 1777, John Hartley was described as a Yeoman
In an Indenture of October 1777, the same John H was described as a Woolcomber


John H bapt in Near Ox 12 June 1748 to John H ~ marr Susan Sutcliffe in Haworth 1768

Lived in Stairs (Near Ox)

Susan – died at Stairs 1812 aged 64

John – died at Stairs 1825 aged 78


John b abt 1769 – see below 

Moses b 1772 ~ no records

William b in Near Ox 1776 & died at Stairs 1809

Timothy b 1778

Bernard b in Near Ox 1782 – marr Nancy Helliwell in 1807 & died 1845

Mary b 1784 & died at Stairs 1807

Joseph b in Far Ox 1787 & died at Stairs 1790 

Susannah b at Stairs 1790 

Susan b at Stairs 1793

Comment: a Joseph H of Stairs died 18 Nov 1854 aged 86 (dob=1768) – he marr Esther Hartley in Bradford 1793 – his son Joseph was bur in Haworth 10 April 1858 aged 62


John H b abt 1748 marr Amy Fether in Haworth 1770

Lived in ~ Ducking Stool (Near Ox)


Easther b 1774


John H b abt 1753 marr Jane (Barton?) in Bingley 1775 

Lived in Manywells (Cullingworth / Wilsden)


Jane b at Manywells 1788

Grace b at Low Manuells 1791

John bapt in Manywells 18 June 1793

Comment: John H, born abt 1753, remained at Manuells, dying there in 1795; of his 3 daughters Sarah, born in 1785, married John Earnshaw and lived at Low Manuells until her death in 1846


John H b abt 1755 marr Eunice Robinson in Bradford 1777

Lived in Wilsden


John b in Wilsden 1781

Sarah b in Wilsden 1785

Ellen b at Bents Head (Wilsden) 1789

Richard b at Ling Bob (Wilsden) 1794


John H b abt 1756 ~ son of Timothy H of Near Ox ~ marr Mary Toothill in Haworth 1776 & ~ died in Haworth 1819 aged 64

Lived in ~ Haworth

Mary ~ b in Haworth 1750 & ~ died in Haworth 1834 aged 79


John H b abt 1760 marr Sally Coates in Haworth 1782

Lived in ~ Near Oxenhope


John H b abt 1763 marr Mary Pighills in Haworth 1785

Lived in ~ Haworth


John H b abt 1769 ~ to John H & Susan Sutcliffe ~ marr Sally Pighles in Bradford 1792 & died in Moorside 1834 aged 65

Lived in Moorside (Near Ox)

In the 1774 Inclosure Awards a John Hartley of Marsh was allotted parcels of ground on the Great Moor designated 58, 58b, 58c and 73. Plot 58c is near Drop Farm. Plots 73 and 58 are near Upper Marsh.

Sally ~ died in Near Ox in 1821 aged 50


Robert b at Stairs 1793

Joseph b at Moorside 1795

John b at Moorside 1798

Bernard b at Moorside 1800

Sutcliffe b at Moorside 1812

Comment: Sutcliffe (b 1812) may have been named after Susan Sutcliffe, who lived at Stairs and was his putative grandmother

Other family trees have assigned these children to John Hartley / Sally Coates


John H bapt at Coat 23 Feb 1775 to Joseph H & Betty ~ Rushworth – d at Coat 26 Nov 1822 aged 47

Lived in Coat (Near Ox)

Comment: Joseph H marr Betty Rushworth at Coat 1761 – Joseph died 1802 aged 62 & Betty died 1817 aged 75


John H bapt in Far Ox 23 Oct 1778 to Timothy H & ~ Sarah Smith ~ marr Martha Murgatroyd of Far Ox in Haworth 1798

Lived in Far Oxenhope


~ Joseph b Springhead (Haworth / Oakworth) 1802

~ Ann b Springhead 1803


John H bapt in Haworth 6 April 1779 to Peter H

John H bapt in Haworth 7 April 1781 to Peter H ~ died the same day


John H bapt in Wilsden 28 Oct 1781 to John H


John H bapt in Near Ox 10 June 1783 to Jonathan H – marr Hannah Holms in Bradford 1804 (witness James H)

Farmed at Bottoms (North Ives) – at Bottoms in 1819 Rate Book – wife Hannah (b 1781) died at Bottoms 16 Jan 1832 aged 51 – marr Mary Wadsworth in Bradford 3 April 1832 – in 1841 at Bottoms with Mary & her sister Susan Wadsworth – in 1851 aged 68 at North Ives Bottoms – died at Bottoms 1856 aged 73

A probable brother James, son of Jonathan, died in Near Oxenhope in 1783

His sister Betty bapt in Near Ox 1785 to Jonathan H - marr Joseph Sutcliffe 1813 & lived in Haworth

Children: none found

Comment: his gravestone gives his abode as Bottoms, which was in Near Ox but the burial register says Far Ox - the confusion is probably because North Ives Bottom was on the west side of the river in Near Oxenhope while Far North Ives Bottom was on the east side in Far Oxenhope

Comment: Jonathan H, his father, does not appear in any records other than the 3 noted above


John H bapt 24 Jan 1785 to James H & Mary Crabtree of Marsh ~ bur in Marsh 7 July 1795 aged 10

Lived in Near Oxenhope


John H b abt 1785 – marr Martha Tennant in Haworth 1807


~ James b at Mytholms (Haworth) 24 Oct 1815

Comment: his approx date of birth is based on the marriage date; there is no other trace of this couple


John H bapt in Haworth 15 June 1787 to Sarah H ~ marr Elizabeth Wright in Haworth 23 June 1814 ~ a Shopkeeper at Church Gate (Haworth) in 1841 with Joseph aged 20 – listed in the 1842 voters’ roll as the owner of a property at Pinhill End, Moorside ~ died at Church Gate & bur in Haworth 23 April 1850 aged 63


John b 1816

James b 1818

Joseph b 1818

Mary b 1821

Thomas b 1823

Robert b 1825

Comment: in his baptism record only the mother’s name, Sarah Hartley, is given, suggesting an illegitimate birth. Such births were fairly common in Haworth: in 1787 there were 9; in other years such baptisms often had the word “Bastard” appended to the record

The marriage record gives his name as John Hartley junior, suggesting his father was called John and the faint possibility that Sarah, his mother, was recently widowed


John Hartley - birth and bapt dates unknown ~ marr Sarah Holmes in Bradford on 27 March 1815

He was a Comber, she was a Spinster and the witnesses were probably church clerks. There were at least 3 potential brides called Sarah Holmes but one born at Great Stone in 1795 to John and Nelly (nee ~ Hird) Holmes is considered the most likely. She died in 1853 aged 58.  


Comments: As there was no reference to Haworth in the Bradford register entry, there is no conclusive proof that this is the correct marriage. However, it was not unusual for a Haworth couple to marry in Bradford St Peter's (Haworth was a chapelry of Bradford: a number of local landowners had pews there in the 1700s), particularly in the 18th century;  Abraham Sutcliffe had almost certainly done it 3 years earlier, in 1812: see Sutcliffe Notes below;  and when John Hartley married Sally Pighles in Bradford in 1792 his abode, Haworth, was noted in the register.

Lived in in Great Stone and Shaw (Far Ox) – in 1841 aged 50 (dob = 1785-1790) he was at Shaw with wife Sarah, daughter Sarah and sons Benjamin, Thomas & Pickles – in the 1840s the family lived in a terraced house in Shaw owned by Holmes Sunderland – in 1851 aged 61 he was at Shaw with wife Sarah, daughter Sarah and sons Benjamin & Thomas (dob = 1789) – in 1861 he was aged 72 at Shaw with Thomas (dob= 1788) – he died in Shaw on 8 Jan 1867 aged 78, giving a dob of 1787-1788 


Children born to John Hartley of Shaw:

James H b 25 April 1818 to John H and Sally at Great Stone (Shaw) – marr Mary Redman in Haworth on 10 Feb 1840  – in 1841 at Shaw aged 20 with his parents and wife Mary aged 18 and newborn son John  – in 1840s he lived in a terraced house in Shaw owned by Luke Southwell, a Keighley farmer

Comment: there is an inexplicable 11-year gap to the next child. Some infant deaths (unattributed) during these years are: Maria Hartley b 1817 & d 1820 in Near Ox; Mary, born & died 1819 in Near Ox; Pighills Hartley, b 1820 & d 1823 in Near Ox; Joseph Hartley born & died 1824 in Haworth

Sarah H b 21 Dec 1829 to John H and Sarah in Far Oxenhope ~ may have gone to London to work as a servant

Benjamin H b 20 March 1832 to John H and Sarah in Far Oxenhope

Thomas H b 8 Oct 1835 to John H and Sarah in Far Oxenhope ~ unmarried ~ died at Keighley Infirmary/Workhouse on 19 Oct 1904

Pickles H b 1839 – in 1841 at Shaw aged 2 – d in Far Oxenhope on 26 Nov 1846 aged 7 - bur in Haworth on 30 Nov





John H bapt at Scartop (Stanbury) 20 July 1790 to Rodger H & Martha Judson – bur at Hill Top (Stanbury) 7 Dec 1816 aged 26-27 – Martha died at Hill Top 11 April 1820 – Roger died at Oldfield (Stanbury) 15 March 1843 aged 89


John H bapt at Sawood 23 April 1793 to Jonathan H & Hannah Bancroft ~ marr Susannah Judson of Stairs in Bradford 1812 ~ in 1841 aged 45 at Isle – in 1851 aged 59 at Far Isle – in 1861 aged 67 at Isle – in 1871 aged 77 at Upper Isle ~ died Keighley Sep 1878 aged 86

Lived in Far Oxenhope

In the 1852 Tithe Award, an Abraham Sutcliffe was listed as the owner of a house and land at Far Isle, tenanted by John Hartley


Rebecca b at Sawood 1814

Sarah b in Far Ox 1818

Susey b 1821

Rachel, John, Zebedee, Martha, Ruth and Dinah


John H b in Aberdeen (Far Ox) Nov 1796 to Thomas H & Bekah Fether ~ marr Martha Wright in Haworth 1815 – in 1841 at Main St Haworth with Martha & the 7 youngest children  

Lived in Haworth


Harriet b Springhead (Haworth / Oakworth) 23 July 1815

Zilpah b Springhead 1817 – marr Abraham Hartley 1845 & died in Saltaire 1879

Robert, Joseph, Betty, Enoch, Greenwood and John

Comment: if this is the correct marriage, John H would have been a minor on his wedding day but this was not noted in the register


John H bapt 18 April 1797 to Esther H in Hob Lane (Stanbury)

Esther ~ died in Near Oxenhope 1829


John H bapt 25 Dec 1797 to Barnard H & Mary in Birks ~ marr Elizabeth Lambert in Haworth 1821 – a Grocer in Main St, Haworth in 1851

Lived in Haworth


Robert b 1825

Thomas, Robert, William, Mary Lambert and Ursula


John H bapt in Moorside 20 Feb 1798 to John H & Sally Pighles (marr in Bradford 1792) ~ marr Susan Sutcliffe in Haworth 1819 ~ in 1851 a widower aged 54 at West Croft Head (Far Ox) ~ died in Keighley Workhouse 1875 or 1882

Susan (Susy) ~ died in Haworth 1830 aged 30

Lived in Near and Far Oxenhope


Sutcliffe b 1826 and James b 1829


John H bapt 11 Sept 1798 to Joseph H & Martha in Hengate ~ died in Haworth 7 April 1799


Other Records

Selected male Hartley marriages:


Bernard H bapt in Near Ox 22 July 1726 to John H – marr Sarah Sutcliffe 1747

Lived at Shaw

In the 1774 Inclosure Awards a Bernard Hartley was allotted parcels of ground on the Great Moor designated 21, 21a and 21b. Plot 21 is by the road at Moorside. Plot 21a is on Intake Lane E of Dike Nook. Plot 21b is near the top of Rag Clough Beck, abt 300m SW of Dike Nook (the Waggon & Horses Inn).

Bernard died at Shaw 1795 aged 73 – bur in Haworth

Sarah died at Shaw 1801 aged 75 – bur in Haworth


Mary b Near Ox 1748 & d Shaw 1768

Timothy b Far Ox 1750 & d Near Ox 1753

Elizabeth d Near Ox 1753

Sarah b Far Ox 1754 & marr William Brooksbank of Shaw 1776 & d 1819

John ~ b Near Ox 1757 & d Far Ox 1758

Joanna b Far Ox 1759 & d Shaw 1781

Bernard b Far Ox 1763

John d Far Ox 1768

James b 1769 & d 1792

Comment: Timothy H may have been Bernard’s younger brother - one was bapt to John H on 18 Oct 1733 in Near Ox. A Timothy Hartley of Shaw, Yeoman, was mentioned in a legal document of 1767 concerning property in Stanbury


Joseph H ~ bapt in Far Ox 1739 to John H – marr Betty Rushworth in Haworth 1761 – his abode on marriage was Shaw, while Betty lived at Stairs

Lived in Far Oxenhope and ~ Coat (aka Cote in Near Ox; several children born in Near Ox to a Joseph H during this period may be his)

Joseph died ~ at Coat 8 May 1802 aged 63 – bur in Haworth

Betty (~ born 1743 to James Rushworth) died at Mouldgreave (Near Ox) 23 Nov 1817 aged 75 – bur in Haworth

Children born to Joseph H and Betty:

Mary b in Far Ox 1761 – d 1784 aged 24 – bur in Haworth

Sarah b 1762 – d 1784 aged 22 – bur in Haworth

John b 1774 ~ d 1822 aged 48 – bur in Haworth

James b in Far Ox 1778 ~ marr Mary Pighills 1800 & lived at Coat – infant son James d 1813 – son Joseph d 1848 aged 39 – his wife Mary d 1816 aged 39 – James himself d 1843 aged 66

William b 1782 ~ d 1808 aged 26


In a 1768 Gallery Plan of Haworth Parish Church a Joseph Hartley shared pew 20 with (Timothy?) Lister for Great Stone, 6 sittings in total

Comment: A Joseph Rushworth, ~ related to Betty, owned Mouldgreave in 1832 and rented a property in Moorside to John Hartley


Tempest H ~ bapt in Far Ox 1740 to James H and Sarah – marr Elisabeth Peighles in Bradford 1761 & died in Far Ox 1786

Lived at Aberdeen (Far Ox)
Father – James H of Uppertown and Aberdeen, owned 2 sittings in the Haworth Parish Church gallery

Tempest died in Far Ox 1786

Elisabeth (Betty) died ~ at Great Stone 1793 aged 54


John b 1763 ~ d in Marsh 1794 aged 32

James b & d 1764

Zebedee b 1766 – d in Hillhouse (Far Ox) 1808

Sarah b 1768

Elizabeth b 1771

Mary b 1774

Tempest b 1776 – marr Mary – lived in Sawood (Far Ox) – died in Far Ox 1841 aged 64


Joseph H marr Martha Hardaker in Haworth in 1764 – d in Moorside 1811 aged 67

Lived in Near Oxenhope


John b & d 1765

Joseph b 1767

In the 1774 Inclosure Awards a Joseph Hartley of Near Oxenhope was allotted parcels of ground on the Great Moor designated 25, 25a and 25b

Plot 25 is at the start of Outside Lane near Cote

Plot 25a is ~ at Dunkirk Mill

Plot 25b is on steep ground W of Hard Naze Farm


George H marr Betty Uttley in Haworth 1765

Lived ~ in Haworth


John b 1765, Peter b 1767, Sally b 1769, James b 1772, Betty b 1774, Hannah b 1778 and Joanna, b 1783


Jonathan H marr Hannah Bancroft in Bradford 1774

Lived in Sykes, Far Ox

Jonathan b 1755 to John H in Far Oxenhope, ~ at Sykes, perhaps Buttergate Sike by Leeming Reservoir – died in Cullingworth (Sykes?) 1830 aged 75

Wife Hannah died in Far Oxenhope 1825 aged 71


Mary b in Far Ox 1774 – marr John Sutcliffe 1796 & lived in Haworth

James b in Far Ox 1776 ~ marr Peggy Warburton 1798 – one child b in Sawood (Far Ox) 1800

Sarah b in Far Ox 1778 – marr Francis Barraclough 1800 & lived in Haworth

Hannah b in Far Ox 1787 ~ marr Benjamin Feather 1806 & lived in Sawood

Bekah b at Sawood 1790 – marr Robert Pickles 1809 & lived at Stubbing – son John died 1842 aged 27

John H b at Sawood 1793 & lived at Isle – died in 1878

Eunice b at Sawood 1795


Rodger H marr Martha Judson in Haworth in 1778

Lived in Stanbury

Martha died at Hill Top 1820

Rodger died at Oldfield 1843 aged 89


James b 1780

Timothy b 1782

Martha b 1784

John H b 1790 & died at Hill Top 1816 aged 26-27


James H marr Mary Crabtree in Haworth 1780

Lived in Marsh (Near Ox)

James d in Marsh 1809 aged 56

Mary ~ died in Near Oxenhope 1822 aged 64


Susan b in Near Ox 1781

Timothy b 1783

John b in Near Ox 1785 & d 1795

James b in Near Ox 1787

William b 1790, Mary b 1792, Sally b 1794, Susan b 1797 – all at Marsh


Selected John Hartley burials:


John H bur Near Oxenhope 15 July 1780, son of John Hartley (no age given)

John H bur Haworth 7 April 1781, son of Peter aged 0

John H bur Near Oxenhope 7 October 1785 (no parent or age given)

John H bur Far Oxenhope 2 March 1786 (no parent or age given)

John H bur Marsh 4 December 1794 aged 32

John H bur Sawood 12 June 1804, son of James, aged 9 months

John H bur Stanbury 7 December 1816 aged 26-27

John H bur Low Holland (this location has not been identified) 2 April 1820 aged 44

John H bur Haworth 29 May 1824 aged 1

John H bur Near Oxenhope 2 June 1825 aged 78

John H bur Near Oxenhope 31 October 1834 aged 65


Dunkirk Mill

John and James Hartley, who were probably the sons of Barnard Hartley senior, built Dunkirk Mill around 1805. The pair was mentioned in a feoffment of 1811 concerning 2 cottages at Oxenhope Mill. John H was listed in the 1842 voters’ roll as the owner of a nearby property at Hawk’s Bridge Lane, Moorside.

John Hartley junior was born on 16 Oct 1813 to Barnard H & Nancy Helliwell at Westfield (near Moorside). This may be the John H who was tenant of Dunkirk Mill from 1836 to the 1860s. In 1841 he was a Wool Spinner at Dunkirk Mill.

Barnard H died on 14 Nov 1845 aged 65. Nancy died in 1819.

When Mary, the daughter of Bernard and Nancy, married in 1838 she was described as a Lady and the groom, John Sutcliffe, as a Gentleman.

Barnard H junior was born in 1833 to John H (a Stuff Manufacturer) & Sarah Holmes in Near Oxenhope and probably died there in 1855 aged 22.  After his mother died in 1836, John married Elizabeth Murgatroyd in Halifax in 1837. 


Great Stone

Great Stone and its neighbour Far Great Stone were farmsteads / weaver’s houses on Holden Lane, which skirts the prominent Stones ridge south-west of Cold Well at Shaw.  See photo here.

From 1789 to 1820 at least 10 families lived at Great Stone (and possibly Far Great Stone):

Greenwood – in 1789 Mary was born to William

Normanton – between 1791 and 1798 Betty, Jonny, Jonas and James were born to Thomas and Betty

Fether – between 1793 and 1799 James and Sarah with Elizabeth, Timothy and Martha with Sarah, plus Sarah, Mary and Timothy all lived here

Hartley – Betty H, a widow, died here in 1793 aged 54.  Sally Holmes’s son James Hartley was born here in 1818.  Another James H died here in 1819 aged 58

Holmes – in 1795 Sally was born to John and Nelly Holmes.  She may have married John Hartley in 1815 and begat Benjamin Hartley in 1832. Rebecca, the wife of Timothy Holmes died here on 24 April 1809

Holdsworth – in 1799 James was born to William and Betty

Rushton – between 1798 and 1800 Timothy and John were born to Timothy and Grace

Sutcliffe – in 1800 Grace was born to Stephen and Sally. Timothy Sutcliffe, a Yeoman, was a resident in 1813, when he was listed as a Trustee of the Free Grammar School

Bancroft – in 1806 John was born to Joseph and Sally

Kershaw – in 1810 Betty was born to John and Mary

Earnshaw – Holmes was born on 1 Nov 1817 to William and Martha



Abraham S bapt 1787 to John S at Stairs [the family may have lived at West House (a farm near Windle, later submerged by Leeshaw Reservoir): an Abraham S, ~ his grandfather, died there 29 December 1802 aged 73 and appears on the family tomb in Haworth] ~ marr Susannah Pighels at Bradford St Peter's on 21 January 1812 [Robert Pighills was a Witness: his signature was also in the Haworth St Michael & All Angels marriage register when he married Martha Redman in 1815] – in 1841 aged 55 at West Shaw with wife Susan and 5 children, incl Amelia aged 10 - in 1851 aged 64 at Cold Well with wife Susan, 2 children (incl Amelia aged 19) and a grandson called Sutcliffe Holmes – died in Marsh in 1857 aged 71.

Coincidentally an Abraham Sutcliffe, born in 1785, was landlord to Amelia Sutcliffe's future father-in-law John Hartley: in 1819 this Abraham S was recorded as the ratepayer for property in Shaw. By 1832 (in the Electoral Roll) that property was clearly identified as Great Stone farm. He was still the owner in 1845, when his son Stephen was the occupier. The 1852 Tithe Awards suggest he also owned Far Great Stone and a large house in Shaw, where he lived. He may also have owned property at Isle (tenanted by John Hartley of Isle) and at Marsh. The two Sutcliffe families may have been related: in 1842 Stephen Sutcliffe married a Heald Knitter called Betty Hoyle, who in 1841 was recorded in the same household as our Abraham Sutcliffe.


Children born to Abraham Sutcliffe:

Of interest is the history, often poignant, of Amelia's siblings. From 1812 to 1840, Susan Sutcliffe gave birth regularly - up to eleven children were recorded. Susan, born at the end of 1812, married Joseph Holmes in 1832, shortly after the birth of Sutcliffe Holmes. Esther was born in 1816 and survived until 1838. Betty was born in 1819 and died in 1896. John was born around 1821, dying in 1889. The first Abraham was born in 1824 and died in 1829; the next male child, born in the same year, was given his name; when he died in 1831 the next boy child, born in 1836, was also christened Abraham; sadly he too died, at only 13 months of age. Nanny was born in 1827 and died in 1891. Amelia was born in 1831 and lived until 1871. The last child, born in 1840, was also christened Esther. She was born when Susan her mother would have been 47 years old.



John Sutcliffe, born around 1821, married Caroline Greenwood in 1844. Three years later, if this researcher’s interpretation of the evidence is correct, she was baptised at Haworth Parish Church by Patrick Brontë. But she called herself Mercy Greenwood.  By 1851 Mearcy Greenwood or Sutcliffe had 2 children at the house the family occupied in Uppertown.  She was still called Mercy in 1861 and 1871, after which she became Mary Sutcliffe.  But in 1863, when her son married Sarah Pickles, the register shows he used the name William Sutcliffe Greenwood.  And instead of his father’s name and occupation, the document gives his mother’s – Mercy Greenwood – and claims she was a spinster.  Her grandson Herbert was born in 1878 and became Verger of Haworth Parish Church.  He is said to have remained in the post for 50 years and asked for special permission to be interred in the graveyard, even though it was no longer used. There is no evidence that his wish was respected.   


Both John Sutcliffe (with Mercy) and Nanny Sutcliffe (with John Earnshaw) have graves at St Mary’s Church in Oxenhope.