Early Wills


These late 16th and early 17th century wills have been included here, even though there is no evidence that their writers were Bateson ancestors.
While some wills from the period are fairly easy to read, these particular wills were untidily written and have proved difficult to interpret.
Summaries and Notes are presented on this page. The full transcripts can be found here.


Peter Bateson's Will


The Will was written on 13 August 1583.
Probate was granted on 1 October 1584 in York.
Peter's only cash legacy was £5 given to his illegitimate son Giles.
He left his Windhill holdings to his sons Christopher and Andrew.
Jane, his wife, and "all the rest of my children" were to have his Skelbroughe property.
Thomas Cave of Wakefield, described as "my faithful friend" and William Pickard of Menston were to arrange the conveyance of the land.
Of his moveable property (ie "goods") one third was to go to his wife.
One third was to be divided equally among his 8 children.
One third was assigned to his sons to pay his funeral expenses.
Anything remaining was to go to his youngest children: Jane, Leonard and Abraham.
There was also provision for his debts to be discharged.
The executors were Christopher and Andrew Baytsone.
The Will was witnessed by John Lillaie, Thomas Barnete, John Swayne, John Stevenson and Hugh Yewdall.

No occupation was given.
Peter's other sons William and John were only mentioned as recipients of a share of his moveable property. At some later date, however, John must have come into the possession of the Far Hirst close - it is mentioned in his own Will.
William was mentioned in a 1696 Rent Book: William Denby was recorded in possession of "part of William Baitson's ancient land".
Skelbroughe was a spelling sometimes used in the 16th century for Skelbrook, a chapelry in the parish of South Kirkby, near Pontefract.
Thomas Cave, born in Burley in Wharfedale around 1551, was a cloth merchant with properties in Wakefield, Farnley (near Otley) and other parts of Yorkshire. He died in 1603, leaving £250 to establish Otley Grammar School.
A William Pickard was a member of a Menston family with interests in property.
Hugh Yewdall shared Peter Baitson's Windhill lands.
John Swayne and John Stevenson held land in neighbouring Wrose.


Giles Bateson's Will


His Will was written on 12 January 1594.
Probate was granted on 7 May 1595 in York.
He gave as his occupation Clothier.
Giles' chattels and all other goods were bequeathed to his wife Alice who was also the Executor.
The Will was witnessed by Hugh Udall and George Swaine.

No children were mentioned.
No land holdings were mentioned.


Christopher Bateson's Will


His Will was written on 19 March 1595.
Probate was granted on 24 May 1596 in York.
He gave as his occupation Yeoman.
Christopher bequeathed his holdings in Windhill, namely Near Hirst, Wood Hirst, High Ing and the Carr to his wife Sibill, until their son Andrew reached the age of 21.
At this point, she would get the statutory one third of her husband's property.
She was given the alternative of receiving an annual income of 5 marks, paid out of the income from his land holdings.
If Sibill were to die or remarry before Andrew reached the age of 21, Christopher's brother Andrew and his brother-in-law Roger Cowper were to take care of the above-mentioned closes of land, along with another called Far Fox Close, until Andrew jnr reached the age of 21, at which point he would inherit everything.
Christopher's daughter Isabel was given a dowry of £30.
When they reached the age of 21, Andrew jnr and Isabel were to receive legacies of £10 each, paid out of the income from the land holdings.
Isabel was to get an additional £60 if Andrew jnr died and her uncle Andrew and Roger Cowper inherited everything.
These payments were to be made in the porch of the parish church of Calverley.
If his son Andrew were to outlive his brother Andrew but die without issue, his brother Abraham was to inherit everything.
After debts and expenses were discharged, the remaining assets were to be divided into three.
Christopher's son Andrew was to get his iron range, the cubbord, the counter and the meate table in the house and a paire of bedstocks in the parlour.
Abraham was to get a paire of fezant-coloured hose and his "best hatt".
William, another brother, was to get a paire of leather hose.
Andrew, his brother, was to get his best cloak.
Roger was to get three yards of light gray kersey.
Any moveable goods remaining were to be shared equally between his wife and children.
The executors were Andrew Baiteson and Roger Cowper.
A Roger Cowper, "my father-in-law", was named supervisor.
The Will was witnessed by Christopher Mawd, Sibill and Andrew Baiteson and Roger Cowper.

Christopher's brother-in-law, Roger Cowper, was born in Bradley (near Skipton) around 1573. His father was called Johannes, not Roger.
Christopher Mawd may have been a member of the landed Mawd family of Bingley. He himself lived in Thwaites, near Keighley.
A supervisor was probably akin to a trustee.


John Bateson's Will


His Will was written on 1 July 1617.
Probate was granted on 23 April 1618 in York.
John bequeathed three closes of land in Windhill called the Hirst to his daughter Bridgett.
He wrote that if his son Samuel prospered he could pay his sister £10 a year for 4 years and then inherit the property himself.
Bridgett was to receive an additional £40 paid in instalments "out of my goods ".
Legacies of £20 each were to be paid to Sara Metcalfe, Isabel Mylner, Isaac Elliston and to Nicholas, Thomas and John Baiteson.
John's sole executor was Samuel.
John Longe, Walter Milner, Andrew and Abraham Baitson were named as supervisors.
The Will was witnessed by Isacke Elleston, Abraham Baitson and Walter Yedall.

No occupation was given.
John married Isabel Elliston nee Longe in 1592. It is not known when she died or how Isaac Elliston was related. John Longe was probably John's brother-in-law. In 1599 a John Longe bought 36 acres of land in Bingley.
Walter Milner married Isabel Elliston in 1613. She would have been John's step-daughter from his wife's first marriage to William Elliston.
Sara was noted as "wief of Ralph Metcalfe my daughter".
Nicholas, Thomas and John Baiteson were probably John's nephews. Nicholas and Thomas may have been sons of Abraham or Andrew. John was a son of William, born in 1586.
Walter Yedall was the son of Hugh Yedall, who shared Peter Baitson's Windhill lands.