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The Bateson Family Tree

The Bateson family probably originated in Windhill, a village near the confluence of the River Aire and Bradford Beck in Calverley Parish in West Yorkshire.

The earliest documented reference is to Joseph Bateson an innovative woollen manufacturer born in 1768. Some descendants of his dispersed to America, to Australia and to Canada but little is known of these branches. One individual went to southern England and met a McDougall from Perthshire. Others went north to Glasgow and got spliced into stock from the Atholl Stewarts and the Hamiltons of Dumfriesshire.

The life histories of these families over the last 250 years or so are recorded in considerable detail on these pages.

The links on the left give access to the Personal Ancestral Files (PAF) of each branch. Major branches contain a Births, Marriages and Deaths database. There are also transcriptions of Wills, Testaments and Kirk Session records. Some historical and geographical background material has also been appended.

There are numerous gaps in the story, as well as likely errors of transcription and conjecture. Each family history contains a number of conundrums and unexplained events. Assistance with any of these would be greatly appreciated.

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