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The Bateson Family Tree

The Bateson family probably originated in Windhill, a village near the confluence of the River Aire and Bradford Beck in Calverley Parish in West Yorkshire.

The earliest documented reference is to Joseph Bateson, an innovative woollen manufacturer born around 1768.
Some of his descendants dispersed to America, to Australia and to Canada but little is known of these branches.
One individual found work on the Channel coast of southern England and there met a McDougall whose family came from Perthshire.
Others went north to Glasgow and were spliced into stock from the Atholl Stewarts and the Hamiltons of Dumfriesshire.

The life histories of these families over the last 250 years or so are recorded in some detail on these pages.
The links on the left give access to the family trees (PAF files) of each branch. Major branches also contain a Births, Marriages and Deaths database.
There are also transcriptions of wills, testaments, gravestones, Kirk Session records and other documents.
Some historical and geographical background material has also been appended.

There are gaps in each family history as well as likely errors of transcription and conjecture. Assistance with any of these would be greatly appreciated.

The authors would be pleased to receive an acknowledgement from any who find these pages useful.

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The last two Batesons from the sixth generation of descendants of Joseph Bateson have died.

Vera Bateson 10 Oct 1916 - 4 Jan 2015
Anna, as she was nicknamed, was born in British North Borneo in 1916 to Ernest Bateson, a well-known mycologist. She was brought up in Borneo and educated in the south of France. She married Alfred Blades, a pathologist, in 1939 and divorced in 1978. She had two sons and a daughter, two of whom survive her.

Norman Bateson 30 June 1922 - 22 Aug 2014
Born in Glasgow, he was named after a vaudeville musician who was also his godfather. Norman went to Kelvinside Academy and served in the RAF in Rhodesia during the Second World War. In 1956 he emigrated to Montreal and got work as a Lab Technician at Fisher Scientific, staying at the YMCA. Just across the road was a cricket ground, his favourite sport. When the company relocated to Ottawa, Norman followed, renting a flat in Nepean. He enjoyed curling and joined the local lawn bowls club.
He never married and always rented, facts that probably help to explain how he was able to retire in comfort, cushioned by a fortune of $1/3 million, which was passed down to the family.


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